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Green Direct Dyes

Considered as all purpose dyes, Green Direct Dyes are used in combination with acid dyes that can be used in the same dye bath. By maintaining the alkaline conditions, these dyes prevent the uneven shading without causing any bleeding. Suitable treatment is done to improve the bleed characteristics of dyes and improvises wet fastness. This average fastness properties further improvises post conducting after treatment procedures.

Direct Dyes Rambha Green Ask for Price

Direct Dyes Rambha Green

We are the Manufacturer of Direct Dyes Rambha Green.

Brand name: Mac Dye

Place of origin: Gujarat India

Type: Customized

Usage: Textile


  • Excellent colorfastness
  • Optimum yield
  • Precise pH value
  • Non allergic
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Sky Blue Direct Dyes Ask for Price

Sky Blue Direct Dyes

Working in compliance with international quality standards, Sky Blue Direct Dyes belongs to the group of Azo compound acting a main chromophore. These are used where dyeing process has to be carried out in alkaline conditions and act as water soluble. Moreover, these dyes are anionic in nature and used for dyeing both protein and cellulosic fibers. The dyeing process is done with the optimal support of electrolyte for exhaustion, hence carried out in neutral dye bath and require for solving different issues related with wet fastness.

Feature :

  • Easy to apply
  • Optimum color fastness
  • Good leveling property
  • Effective performance

Used for :

  • Cellulose
  • Silk
  • Leather
  • Paper
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Olive Green Direct Dyes Ask for Price

Olive Green Direct Dyes

Ideal to be used in different textile industries, Olive Green Direct Dyes are known for offering initial fastness and improving post conducting after treatment procedures. These dyes are meant to be used in direct application on a substrate using neutral/ alkaline bath. Moreover, the available range is defined as salts of complex sulfonic acids, which generally belongs to the group of non metalized Azo structures/disazo/polyazo type structure. The available dyes perform their function in neutral/slight alkaline dye bath where the temperature is maintained near boiling point.


  • Free from impurity
  • Optimum pH value
  • Simple to use
  • Non allergic nature
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Direct Dyes-Yellow RL Yellow - 86 Ask for Price

Direct Dyes-Yellow RL Yellow - 86

We are the Manufacturer of Direct Dyes-Yellow RL Yellow - 86.

Light: 6

Washing: 4

Perspiration: 5

Hypochlorite: 5

Dischargeability: G

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Direct Orange 39,Dyes Ask for Price

Direct Orange 39,Dyes

We are the Manufacturer of Direct Orange 39,Dyes.

Light: 6-7

Washing: 3

Perspiration: 5

Hypochlorite: 2

Dischargeability: F

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